Saturday, August 22, 2015

Let's Begin--Boy's Shared Room

1/2(UO Tapestry)/3/4(vintage plaid throws)/5/6/7(vintage dresser)/8(DIY constellation art)/9(vintage plant hanger)/10/11

You know those beautiful end-of-summer days when you should be outside?  Or those Saturdays when you have a lot of work you actually need to get done because the class you are teaching starts in 2 days?  Or how about those days when your kids just play and don't fight and you're able to get a lot done, so really you should be productive?

Yeah, today could have been and should have been any of those listed days.  But, guess what?  I planned and then created a mood board for the boys' room instead!  Go me.  Yeah, I'm practically still in my pajamas and it's 3 PM.  I guess I should feel guilty for wasting the day, and I'm sure tonight when I actually have to work I will be annoyed, but hey--I have been really itching to get the boys room all figured out and I had fun, so what the hell.

My goal is to get this together the month of September.  Leland will turn 3 around then, and it seems like a perfect surprise to get him out of his crib and into a big boy bed.  This room requires a bunch of big item purchases like a mattress and bunk bed and rug and arm chair, but hopefully the rest I can keep to a minimum.  Some of the items I already actually have, so that should help.

Overall, I want this room to be practical and functional.  I'd like it to be cute, but without the extra frills that can drive me crazy--throw pillows, I'm talking to you!  OK, you're right.  There actually might be one throw pillow thrown in the mix, but that is it!!  ;)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Camping North Fork 2014

Here's the deal.  It's the 24th of July...2015.  And Dave's fam is in town for the weekend, but while they're our watching some fireworks, I'm here with my sleeping babes updating this space from a trip a while ago.  So much time has passed that I will just let the pictures do the talking.  It was a simple little trip, but that's all it really takes.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Road Trip

I love watching these videos after I make them.  And I love searching for just the right song.  Anyway, we did mostly video on our little road trip up North.  And I actually got it completed and uploaded this week!  Go Me!


Monday, June 15, 2015


Little Jude was able to get up a few times skiing this season.  Although, in general, he's a little timid when it comes to things like going fast/jumping/heights he also has a carefree-let's-go-for-it vibe.  So it's a good mix.   This year was mostly with a harness on, but I'm thinking if we get him up a few more times next season, he'll be on his own.  If you asked him, his favorite part about skiing would be "riding on the lifts."  But, I also think one of his favorite parts is just hanging out with Gramps.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Catching up on fun times isn't going to happen by itself...and to be honest, it might not happen at all.  Eek!  I don't know where life is taking me that I have no time to just glance through my pics, but when I do, ugh!  That weighty feeling that I am messing up, not documenting the details, and uggggghhhh--the guilt.  So, in the spirit of that *guilt* here are some pictures of our trip up to McCall, ID last summer for Dave's Fam Reunion (just the brothers and sisters, but when you have 9 siblings, you call it a Family Reunion).

Highlights include:
-a 12 hr drive that should have been a 7 hr drive, because of the 2 lane road and an accident.  This is where Jude and Leland decided to scream at the top of their lungs repeatedly just for fun.
-A huge house where we all could hang.
-Drinking wine out of the bottle in the huge master bedroom closet and watching Outlander with all the SIL...just so that the kids/husbands wouldn't find us and bug us. ;)
-The clouds.  It was unseasonably cold the weekend we went, but oh my goodness, such beautiful views and the clouds just stole my heart.
-A $90 speeding ticket  that wouldn't have happened had we not missed a turn, but hey we're rich. ;)

Anyway, nearly a year ago, the main thing that strikes me is just how blonde Leland's hair is.  Goodness, he was such a baby!   Here are the pics.

Friday, May 22, 2015

An Heirloom

My bro and me.  Circa 1981

The older I get, the more sentimental I get.  Or, I don't know if that really is the right word.  I guess the older I get, the more I want the things around me to have meaning.  My wedding ring is my great-great grandmother's ring, and I love looking at it, knowing the generations of hands it has been on and the years it has seen.  My baby blanket, yellow with little bunnies, is old and ripped in one spot, but it's now Leland's favorite blanket.  And each night as I tuck him into his little crib with it, I'm ever so softly reminded that time passes, and we all grow up.

That's where this chair comes in, an heirloom if you will.  It was originally my uncle Mark's chair, whom I never had the chance to meet.  He died in a hunting accident, before I was born, at the age of 21.  So this chair, is one of the only things that he had bought and loved in his short adult life.  And it was unique and cool, and my mom had it recovered in a muted rose velvet, to remind her of him and his love of flowers.  It's been around all my life.  For a while, it was in my grandparent's basement.  I remember curling up into it, like a fox in its den.  It was my favorite chair, simply because sitting in it when I was that little felt like a giant hug.  And then for many years it was put in storage.  Always with the idea that would be recovered.  My mom later pulled it out of storage, and there it sat in the corner of her room, covered with a big Moroccan scarf.  I think the idea was if it were in plain sight, it would surely someday get recovered.

Meanwhile, there's little old me.  Searching the Internets for a chair.  Looking and dreaming about a big cozy chair for our front room.  I was looking at new ones, and then after seeing the prices, I was looking at old ones.  But, all the while, wanting a special and unique chair that I'd keep forever.  And that's where my mom did what she so easily does:  she stepped in, and offered to me what she so dearly loved.

The chair.

That was one year ago.  Of course, I excitedly accepted the chair, but it sat in that corner of her bedroom for a little while longer.  I had to think of what I'd recover it with.  Having floral velvet for thirty years, and having it be so tragically tragic when at one time, it was totally "in" gave me reason to think.  My top choice was leather.  Like a cognac colored leather.  But, the big chair required two hides, and that made it way out of budget ($$$$).   Next, I thought about a deep navy velvet.  I do love blues.  But, grubby little hands had me feeling that it might always look dirty and need to be wiped down.  In the end, I went with a charcoal tweed, with brown, blue, and green undertones.

With the fabric dilemma solved, now it was time to strip and re-stain the wood detail and legs.  I started that in November, working on it when I had time, and finished in December.  But, still the chair sat.  The person who would be recovering it was a bit behind schedule.  January, we dropped it off to be recovered, but I was warned:  he is good, but he is old, and he is slow.  So, I jokingly gave the deadline of my next birthday.  I've learned to be reasonably patient with this type of stuff, so I just waited.

And guess what?  My birthday is next week.  Deadline met!  The chair has all new springs, all new padding, and of course, all new fabric.  Yet, still the small dents here and there in the wood detail that give a nod to it's age, and it's story.


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